A number cardmakers have pointed out that I make a lot of cards... I do.  I should say that without challenges, I would not be able to donate to so many charities.  Challenges inspire me, your comments inspire me, the sheer joy of knowing that I can help via my favorite hobby inspires me.  I started making cards over 25 years ago.  Initially my extra cards when to a small organization called Cards for Heroes supporting the writing needs of our military troops.  Cards for Heroes eventually morphed into the nonprofit Operation Write Home (OWH).  Over the years that OWH was operating, I made more than 11,000 cards for the soldiers.  The few unexpected thank yous I received from military personnel spurred me to continue my donation efforts.

Below is an ongoing list of organizations to which I donate in case you are interested in sharing as well.


A. Card guidelines:

  • Cards should be blank inside and well designed. 
  • Needed are a) “blank but beautiful” (no writing inside; no sentiment on the outside); and b) “sentiment card” (message on the outside focused on “Thinking of You”, “Missing You”, “I Love You”, or “Hello”).  Humorous stamps and sentiments are welcome.
  • Make the majority of cards generic so our troops are able to mail them at any time of the year. 
  • All Christmas cards MUST arrive no later than October 20th to be included in any given year’s holiday care packages.
  • Cards should measure between 4.25″ x 5.5″ to 5” x 7”.
  • Include a light-colored envelope for every single blank card so the recipients can mail them home. Simply slide the card under the flap of the envelope. Cards without envelopes or do not fit in the envelope provided will be used by volunteers to write letters of gratitude.
  • If using dark-colored cardstock, adhere white paper inside the card. 
  • DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF GLITTER!  Please ensure all embellishments are securely attached to the card.
  • If desired, use a clear stationery card sleeve for extra protection, but it is not required.
  • “Made by” information welcome.
  • Sort cards based on type before sending.
  • Send as many cards as desired.
  • Operation Gratitude will send a thank you letter within 8 weeks of receiving your donation.

B. Fill out our Donor Form online and print a copy to place in each box shipped.

C. Carefully pack your cards and send to:

Operation Gratitude
ATTN: Receiving
9409 Owensmouth Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311


Look locally as well to donate to churches, hospice, veteran groups and hospitals.  Currently I donate to several locations in my hometown.

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