Good Reads

Now that I am retired, I am able to easily read three or four books a month.  Below I am sharing worthwhile titles (in my opinion!).


January 2022
The Stranger Diaries (as well as its sequel The Postscript Murders) are addictive.  Winner of the Edgar Award, it can be classified as a modern gothic mystery, that is a mystery using dark picturesque scenery, melodramatic narrative devices, and an overall feeling of fear and dread.  Like other gothic novels, this one has a story that revolves around an old horror story that conceals a terrible secret.  (Published October 2019; sequel published March 2021)

December 2021
Codebreaker is for all those people who believe the COVID vaccine was developed in less than a year.  A wonderful mystery tracking the history and evolution of gene editing including all the moral dilemmas the solution brought to light. I spent my career in pharmaceutical research at Pfizer and Regeneron, two of the leading companies in the COVID battle.  My appreciation for women like Jennifer Doudna is immense. Truly a great read. (Published March 2021)

November 2021
Great Circles is an amazing odyssey tracing the fate of twins recused from a sinking ocean liner in 1914, their life choices and the implications on those around them.   Incredibly researched, emotional and truly a mesmerizing story. (Published May 2021)

October 2021
Wolf Hall is the first of a trilogy (the first and second installments both winning the Man Booker Prizes).  Admittedly a dizzying array of characters for 1520s England.  Henry VIII wants to marry Anne Boleyn.  The story is told from the POV of Thomas Cromwell, a man presented in a new light from other literary characterizations of him.  The book is the perfect blend of fact and fiction providing a highly satisfying read.  Looking forward to the next book: Bring Up the Bodies. (Published Oct 2009)

September 2021
Big Little Lies. Great fun, couldn't put it down. Flirty, scandalous, vicious and a murder. Makes an important statement about the impact of domestic violence. Rarely does murder end happily. Now I really want to see the TV show!  (Published Jul 2014)

August 2021
The Guest List. Great mystery.  Very like Agatha Christie.  Starts with a death but you don't know who.  Lots of twists and turns with each character's turn at voice.  The smallest details come together to solve it.  (Published Jun 2020)

July 2021
American Dirt. Tough read but so worth it.  A hundred pages in, I couldn't put it down.  Meaningful insight into the terror of a migrant's journey.  (Published Jan 2020)

June 2021
Anxious People. Delightful writing,  delightful characters, delightful story.  Easy, quick read. Very satisfying. (Published Sept 2020)

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